Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has supported us. Below is a list of our major sponsors and contributors – in no particular order – apologies to anyone we may have missed.

InsureAnts.co.ukInsureAnts.co.uk – InsureAnts are proud to be associated with SaveTheAnts.com and it’s a cause close to our hearts. As well as funding marketing campaigns for SaveTheAnts.com, we are passionate about the rehabilitation of disadvantaged worker ants and work tirelessly with the local ant community to offer careers and training, as well as participating in the Ant Community Payback Scheme (ACPS) which offers a lifeline to ants who have previous criminal convictions and wish to change their lives for the better. If you want to make a difference to the lives of ants in the UK, get a quote at InsureAnts.co.uk and you will not just find cheap car insurance, home insurance, van insurance and much more – you will also help guarantee jobs and meaningful employment for the UK ant community.

Just think – if they weren’t working at InsureAnts they’d probably be causing trouble on street cornersĀ or harassing you at picnics and barbecues!


ETSenergy.com – ETSenergy offer green deal advice, news and guides, helping to conserve the earth’s precious resources and keep your homes nice and cosy.