is proud to have the support of some fANTastic patrons, who continually help to promote the great work we do for Ants across the globe. Our esteemed patrons help us in multiple ways from simply supporting our ongoing charity campaigns to hosting events and even taking part in challenges and publicity on our behalf. They make a crucial contribution to raising the profile of and generating public awareness of the great work we do. We really cannot thank them enough for their help and support.

Will.i.antWill.i.ant is the founding patron of the SaveTheAnts website and is dedicated to using his superstar status to spread the word about the plight of disadvantaged Ants around the world.  By using his celebrity superpowers as a force for good, Will hopes to bring about a change in the publics perception of Antkind, remove the negative stereotypes and breakdown boundaries to foster peace, harmony and understanding between Man and Ant.

As a child growing up in an underprivileged housing project in East LA, Will saw first hand the tensions and discriminations that could arise in such communities and the constant battle that Ants faced in their daily life. Will sought to pursue a career in music to help ease these tensions:

‘Music can be used to help individuals express themselves or to foster communication between individuals or groups of people and species. It can be used to nurture healing and reconciliation. Music is something that transcends language and national or ethnic boundaries. It has unique styles depending on the community it originates in and can also be adapted to fit individual’s tastes. When two groups who have been in conflict or have the potential for conflict make music together communication and healing become possible. I see a synergy between my music and the struggles Ants have faced in the past and hope my association with helps to usher in a new era of peace and harmony.

‘ is Super Dope’

Adam AntAdam Ant is a seasoned world traveller and passionate about preserving the precious ecology in which his fellow ants live. After a tough upbringing on the mean streets of Wigan, Adam saw first hand the discrimination his fellow ants faced regularly:

‘One of my earliest memories was seeing the traumatic destruction of a neighbours nest from a kettle of boiling water poured by the hand of Man. I beared the weight of these horrific images with me for many years but have since learn to forgive – life is to short to waste on hate, we need to bring peace and love to the world’

Adam currently works for the insurance comparison website, where he helps to spread the word about the good deeds the SaveTheAnts website does and also oversees the companies involvement in the Ant Community Payback Scheme (ACPS) which offers a lifeline to ants who have previous criminal convictions and wish to change their lives for the better.

‘ Stands & Delivers Hope to Ants Worldwide’