Save The – A message from our patron, Will.i.ant

An Ant dies every three seconds somewhere in the world, mostly from unprovoked and horrific incidents such as being trodden on, having boiling water poured on them or even being burnt alive by a troubled human child with a magnifying glass.  These are sobering facts and in a so called ‘civilised’ society we shouldn’t tolerate such atrocities, we believe the time for action is now.  We can no longer stand idly by when such evil and suffering is going on in the modern world.

The internet is awash with extremist publications and DIY terrorist materials such as ‘How to Exterminate Ants – Naturally’, ‘How to Get Rid of Ants‘ and ‘How to Kill Ants’ which graphically publicise ant genocide and have, up until now, gone totally unchallenged.  Even the venerable YouTube is not afraid of publishing ‘snuff’ videos showing the torture and death of thousands of ants in grotesque recordings such as ‘How to Kill Ants’, ‘Burning ant with magnifying glass’ and the particularly wicked ‘Blowing up an ant hill’

Hollywood stars like Kirstie Alley, who regularly campaign for human and animal rights see no harm in throwaway comments such as ‘when things don’t go my way I step on ants’  and although she did apologise publicly on the subject when confronted by BrillyAnt, the founder of the comparison site, this kind of language and attitude should no longer be tolerated in todays modern, progressive society. What have Ants done to deserve such vitriol? Ants are an essential component of earths delicate ecosystem – think of it this way: if human beings suddenly became extinct, Earth’s ecosystem would actually improve. If ants went extinct, the entire ecosystem would collapse resulting in a mass extinction – perhaps the largest ever.

We are campaigning to bring and end to such primitive attitudes and hope we can foster a new beginning where Ants and Mankind can live together in peace.  Please browse the website and follow @SaveTheAnt on Twitter – together we can hopefully make the world a better place for us and our children.

SaveTheAnts on Twitter – ‘because Ants have rights too.’

Will.i.ant – June 2012


By using my celebrity superpowers as a force for good, I hope to bring about a change in the publics perception of Antkind, remove the negative stereotypes and breakdown boundaries to foster peace, harmony and understanding between Man and Ant.

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